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Stephen Dorff ready for another ‘Blade’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 9, 2009

Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff in Blade

Wesley Snipes and Stephen Dorff in Blade

Robert Falconer – CinemaSpy.com

   Back in October of 2008, The Sunday Mail reported that Blade director Stephen Norrington and actor Stephen Dorff, who played villain Deacon Frost in the original 1998 film, were working on a prequel trilogy which would focus on the Frost character.

   “It will be a prequel to the Blade movies, Deacon’s story,” Dorff said. “It’s a new trilogy the director has created. It will cool.”
   “We hope to shoot the first film next year,” he added. “Frost is a character I have never been able to shake.”

   Now, according to a report over at Comics2Film, Dorff has updated that information, stating that the project is “not exactly how the article describes but close.”
   Meanwhile, Norrington told the site that the film is definitely envisioned as part of the existing mythology. “The linkage to ‘Blade’ is still big in the equation.”GoreMaster Makeup Effects Manual
   The original Frost comic book character, written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by Gene Colan, debuted in Marvel’s “The Tomb of Dracula #13” (October 1973), and sought the key to immortality by kidnapping a woman to inject her with the blood of a recently killed vampire. However, during a skirmish Frost was accidentally injected with the blood, becoming a vampire with the ability to generate a ‘doppelgänger’ out of his victims.
   Frost intended to use this power to ascend to the position of Lord of Vampires, a position held by Dracula

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