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Geisha’s that do everything..including KILL in the new flick ‘RoboGeisha’

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on July 6, 2009

Russell Hainline – Examiner.com

   What is RoboGeisha, one might ask? It’s the new film by Noboru Iguchi, director of films such as Machine Girl, which make the Crazy 88 scene from Kill Bill look tame. He is the Japanese equivalent of early Sam Raimi or Peter Jackson, the king of what has been dubbed “the splatter genre,” over-the-top hilarious gorefests. Machine Girl was about Japanese schoolgirls engaged in bloody, murderous combat. Here, Iguchi has substituted schoolgirls with geishas. Only not just any geishas… robot geishas.

Want to know what to look forward to in the trailer?

1. Swords that come out from geishas’ armpits.

2. Chainsaws that emerge from geishas’ mouths.

3. Geishas that turn into tanks. Yes, tanks.

4. Fried shrimp that get jammed into a foe’s eye sockets.

5. Acidic breast milk that will burn your face off.

6. Buildings that turn to robots and make other buildings inexplicably bleed when destroyed.

7. A handicapped man whose legs have been equipped with guns at the knees.

8. What the trailer dubs a “bust machine gun,” which you’ll recognize if you’ve ever seen how the Fembots in the Austin Powers trilogy kill people.

9. Katana swords that emerge from a robogeisha’s rear end, resulting in a swordfight unlike any you’ve ever seen.

10. A geisha tank driving along the side of a building, shooting lasers from her eyes at a building robot while playing a musical instrument.



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