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Steven Spielberg Has Cracked The Story For Indy 5

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 16, 2009

Indiana JonesKatey Rich – CinemaBlend.com

   It’s been a while since George Lucas went around running his mouth about how excited he is to take our money for a fifth Indiana Jones movie. But just because that terrifying prospect has been laying low, don’t ever be fooled into thinking it won’t happen. In fact, Steven Spielberg is figuring out this instant how to dust off Indy and make $300 million domestic while doing it.
   Talking to BBC News on an international tubthumping tour for Transformers 2, Shia LaBeouf said he talked to Steven Spielberg before he left on the big junket tour, and things for Indy 5 are cranking along. “Steven just said that he cracked the story on it before I left, so they’re gearing that up.”
   Who knows how specific any of this is, or how long it will be before an actual production gets started. It’s depressing enough just to know that Spielberg is working on the story, and hasn’t somehow snuck away from George Lucas, come to his senses, and put himself to work on an original story actually worth telling.



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