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Little Shop of Horrors Remake

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 14, 2009

Little Shop of Horrors


   Director Declan O’Brien talks up his eagerly awaited sequel WRONG TURN 3, now subtitled LEFT FOR DEAD. The filmmaker shared the details of where fans will be able to check out the latest adventures of the bloodthirsty redneck mutants.
   “I just heard before I came to New York that it has been accepted by London’s FrightFest, and it will debut there in late August,” O’Brien (pictured) tells us. “That’ll be the world premiere, and then I think—though I’m not 100 percent positive—that we’re going to be at Los Angeles’ Screamfest after that.”
   As for WRONG TURN 3’s disc debut via Fox Home Entertainment, the street date is tentatively set for October 20. “I’ve already done the special features,” O’Brien says. “I did a couple of onscreen interviews talking about the production and the process and the huge disasters that happened [during shooting in Sofia, Bulgaria], and it’s pretty funny. I did not do a commentary track because my editor was out of town and I really wanted to do it with him, and I didn’t think doing it by myself would be fun. Maybe when it sells a gazillion copies and we rerelease it, I’ll do a commentary. There will also be two full scenes that I cut out of the film.”
   Rest assured, however, that none of the creative mayhem that has been the WRONG TURN series’ forte was trimmed from the new sequel, which pits the backwoods killers against a group of escaped convicts and will be issued unrated. “It’s as nasty as they come,” promises O’Brien, who adds that the Fox brass never put any restrictions on how far he could go with the gore. “They asked me if I could do more,” he laughs. “So I tried to think up really scary, unusual ways to die. We did my homage to the impaling scene in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, only with a big fat sheriff in uniform instead of a beautiful naked woman. I thought that would be funny.”GoreMaster Makeup Effects Manual
   There won’t as much humor involved in one of his future projects—despite it being based on a classic horror/comedy—which stemmed from his stint helming the Sci Fi Channel flick CYCLOPS for Roger Corman. “I’ve done a deal with him for the rights to LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and the remake is in progress right now,” O’Brien reveals. “I’m basically going to do it as a horror film, which is going to upset a ton of people who loved the musical—and that’s what made Roger excited. He was like, ‘You’re really going to piss them off,’ but he liked the take—he thought it was very, very smart. We’re trying to find financing for it now.”
   O’Brien, whose Sci Fi credits also include the well-regarded ROCK MONSTER, has another genre opus on his plate as well. “I’m working on a script right now called HOMECOMING [no relation to the Mischa Barton-starring July release]. It’s a horror film set in upstate New York, in a high school much like the one I went to. So it’s all about working out my traumas from those days. It’s a slasher film, and it’s definitely dark.”



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