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False rumor claims ‘G.I.’ director fired

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 13, 2009

G.I.Joe cast

Marc Graser – Variety

   One day you’re directing one of the summer’s biggest tentpoles, the next you’re not. Depending on which websites you read.

   Fan sites were in a lather Thursday, running with a rumor that originally appeared on a message board on producer Don Murphy’s web site. The claim: Stephen Sommers was fired from Paramount’s “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

  The report said the director had been banned from the editing room and that Stuart Baird was hired to re-edit the film after a string of poor test screenings. According to the studio and the film’s producer, however, none of that is true.


    “In this day and age, we are constantly dealing with online rumors that take on a life of their own,” says a Paramount spokeswoman. “We love Steve and couldn’t be happier with the movie he made.”

   “G.I. Joe” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has responded directly to websites saying, “It’s very unfair to Steve. It’s completely untrue. He was never asked to leave or been fired. That’s ridiculous.”

   Murphy has since removed the posting from his Angry Films site.

Sommers was never let go from the project and is still putting the final touches on the actioner based on the popular Hasbro toyline. In fact, Sommers has final cut as part of his contract. It will be released Aug. 7.

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