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Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘Spawn’ Reboot

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 11, 2009


From MTV

   With films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man leading a new wave of successful and critically acclaimed comic book adaptations, it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since 1997’s Spawn. That film, which for all its visual splendor never really told a coherent story, left a lot to be desired for fans of the franchise, leading many to wish for a reboot.

And if Todd McFarlane gets his way, what a reboot it will be!

   In a recent interview with MTV, McFarlane shared some of his hopes for the film, comparing it to Jaws, The Departed, and, if you can believe it, The Godfather. As lofty as McFarlane’s ambitions sound, perhaps none of his hopes are as grandiose as his choice for the film’s lead: Three-time Academy Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio.

   Of course, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t play Spawn. In fact, according to McFarlane, the movie might not even revolve around Spawn, but rather, “the guy chasing Spawn.” McFarlane went on to elaborate that the character would probably not be familiar to fans of the comic.

   “We had Sam and Twitch in the book, but because of some of the stuff I’m trying to sell in Hollywood, we might have to change the characters a bit… it would still be a police character who’s chasing down a case and in the middle of this ‘Godfather’-type movie, something weird is out there and no one knows about it except him and a few other people.”

Why would Leo sign on for a Spawn reboot? McFarlane’s says it’s in his family history

“It’s a big wish, but his dad was a big fan of underground comic books and he came from that.”

   Would Leo sign on for a Spawn reboot? It would certainly be a big win for McFarlane if he could get DiCaprio on board, and the actor has found some success in action films, but I don’t know if I can see it happening. On the other hand, I thought Leo was a little baby-faced for his role in The Departed and that turned out to be one of favorite movies of 2006.

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One Response to “Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio for ‘Spawn’ Reboot”

  1. Derrick Nation said

    I can’t wait to see what Todd comes up with. I kinda get his perspective of not making Spawn the protagonist of the the film. This leaves room for the proclaimed comic book “hero”, Spawn, to do some Sick and EVIL SH*T!!!

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