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Predator 2 out on Blu-Ray!

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 8, 2009

   Predator 2 is the 1990 film starring Danny Glover and Gary Busey. Written by Jim & John Thomas and directed by Stephen Hopkins, the film is a sequel to the successful 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The cast is almost entirely new, apart the Predator again played by actor Kevin Peter Hall.

Stan Winston Studios created the tremendous creature effects.

The Story – In 1997, Los Angeles is suffering from both a sweltering heat-wave and a vicious street war between police, Colombian, and Jamaican drug gangs. Engaged in a protracted shootout with the Colombians are police detectives Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonso) and Danny Archuleta (Ruben Blades) as they await the aid of their boss, veteran Lieutenant Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover). After an intense firefight, Harrigan’s aggressive tactics force the criminals to withdraw into a nearby building. A series of explosions rock the structure, followed by mysterious gunfire. Harrigan proceeds inside against orders, only to find the Colombians have been mysteriously slaughtered. He follows the one survivor to the roof of the structure and shoots him. After the Colombian falls from the roof, Harrigan catches sight of what appears to be the hazy silhouette of a large man, but dismisses it as an effect of the heat.

At the police station, Harrigan is introduced to Special Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busey), leader of a federal task force purportedly investigating the cartels. Harrigan is also introduced to a new officer for his team, Jerry “The Lone Ranger” Lambert (Bill Paxton).

Later, Jamaican gang members attack the Colombian drug lord at his home, ritualistically murdering him. The Predator takes advantage of the situation and kills the Jamaicans one by one, leaving only the Colombian’s girlfriend alive. Arriving at the scene first, Harrigan and his team enter against orders, observing one of the Predator’s weapons stuck in an air-conditioner before Keyes and his team arrive. Harrigan now suspects that a new “player” has joined the street war. This “player” is actually a Predator on the hunt. Enraged at his defiance, Keyes threatens Harrigan, saying he will ‘disappear’ if he interferes again. Harrigan and Archuleta discuss plans to return to the crime scene later for further investigation into the murders. Archuleta arrives before Harrigan and attempts to retrieve the weapon, which has gone unnoticed by Keyes’ team. Unfortunately, the Predator has also returned to the scene and, revealing itself to Archuleta, attacks and kills him.

Harrigan is devastated, vowing to his superiors and Keyes to destroy the perpetrator responsible for his friend’s death. After Cantrell and Lambert trail Keyes to a slaughterhouse, they visit a pathologist to investigate the weapon Archuleta had found. She discusses its origins, noting the weapon’s material does not correspond with any element on the periodic table. Harrigan decides to set up a meeting with the Jamaican drug lord King Willie, hoping he will know who is attacking them. Willie believes that whoever, or whatever, is involved in the killings of his men is not of this world. More confused than ever, Harrigan leaves – and the Predator immediately attacks and beheads King Willie.

Leona suspects that the killer is toying with Harrigan, as Danny was murdered shortly before Harrigan arrived, while King Willie was killed moments after he left. Cantrell and Lambert, planning to meet Harrigan, are traveling by subway when a group of thugs threaten innocent passengers. They pull guns on each other, causing Lambert and Cantrell to pull their own weapons. As a tense standoff ensues, the Predator suddenly breaks in through the cabin’s roof and attacks in the dark. During the confusion, Cantrell herds the passengers to safety across the next subway cars while Lambert challenges the Predator, keeping it busy. After stopping the train and getting the passengers to the surface, she doubles back to find Lambert has been killed. She searches the empty cars until she encounters the Predator, who scans her body with thermal scan technology. Viewing a fetus within her abdomen, the Predator refrains from attacking.


Harrigan arrives at the new crime scene and discovers Cantrell is still alive. He also surmises that only armed civilians and officers were attacked. Following a blood trail down the subway tunnel, he witnesses the Predator mutilating Lambert’s body – removing his skull and spinal column in their entirety as a trophy. Harrigan pursues the creature, only to be captured by Keyes’ special team.

Keyes finally reveals to Harrigan what he’s dealing with, and that he and his team have been following encounter sites with the “other world life form” ever since Alan “Dutch” Schaeffer (the protagonist of the first film, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his special forces team were attacked in the jungle ten years earlier. Keyes and his men are determined to capture this creature for study, realizing its value as a potential means for immense technological advance. Armed with cryogenic weaponry intended to immobilize the creature, they have set a trap for it in a vacant slaughterhouse which the Predator has been raiding for food. The team wear thermally insulated suits to prevent the Predator from detecting them via infrared. However, the Predator simply switches its helmet’s scanner through a number of different ranges of electromagnetic wavelengths that are available to it, before settling on the ultraviolet spectrum where it is able to see their black lights. The Predator attacks the government team, killing everyone except Keyes. Harrigan, who foresaw trouble, is able to escape custody and heads to confront the Predator.

A short battle follows, in which Keyes is apparently killed. Harrigan is able to shoot down the Predator and remove its mask, but the Predator revives moments later and attacks Harrigan. Keyes, still alive (although horribly scarred by a plasma attack), arrives to battle the creature, using a specialized liquid nitrogen cannon. Keyes demands that Harrigan retreat, as the Predator pulls out a “smart-disc” weapon and throws it at Keyes. The weapon slices Keyes in half. Harrigan and the Predator exchange attacks, as the battle moves to the rooftop. The Predator gets knocked over the side and, hanging from a ledge, attempts to activate the self-destruct device contained in its wrist-mounted computer. However, Harrigan steals the Predator’s smart-disc weapon and uses it to cut the Predator’s forearm off, destroying the self-destruct device in the process. After falling through the window of an adjacent building and tending its wounds the Predator retreats, followed closely by Harrigan, down an elevator shaft to a basement that turns out to be an underground-stationed spaceship. The two have a final duel, ending with Harrigan killing the Predator. The Predator’s clan-mates appear and carry away their fallen warrior, while the elder Predator aboard gives Harrigan an antique flintlock pistol as a sign of respect. Harrigan escapes the ship just as it blasts off into space. The remainder of Keyes’ team arrives, furious that they failed in capturing a Predator. The film ends with Harrigan commenting that they will “get another chance”, implying that the Predators will return to Earth someday.

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Predator 2 [Blue Ray Disc]



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