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HOSTILE ENTITIES: The latest Creepy Puppet Project by MATT FICNER

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on June 7, 2009

Matt wrote this note about his latest fantastic work:

   “Hello Creepy Puppet Project fans! Here it is!! Hostile Entities, the most ambitious project to date. This was primarily a learning exercise for me with After FX software. I know the effects arent perfect, but this was what I was able to churn out on my computer.
   This particular project took MUCH longer that my previous films. Most of the time, I had to sit around and wait for layer upon layer of special effects to be rendered. I hope it was worth the wait and I really hope it is to your liking if not, well I at least learned a lot of technical stuff!
   I drew my inspiration from all the Sci-Fi stuff I loved as a kid Heavy Metal, Aliens, Star Wars and all that good stuff! I also had fun revisiting my old WarHammer 40K tool kit when I built the miniature ship interior sets. It was like I was a teenager again! FUN! Some of my long time friends may recognize the ship model from my Voyage of Vulture 0111 mini series I produced on Maclean Hunter cable back in the late 80s.
   A HUGE THANK YOU to Ralph Gethings for his technical support and giving me the seed idea for this project.
   A HUGE THANK YOU to Andrew Kramer at VIDEO COPILOT for the greatest After FX tutorials online!
   Thanks to Kathy MacLellan and John Nolan of Rag and Bone Theatre for helping me find some rare plastics I needed to finish up some puppet parts.
   Thanks also to Candice Nelson and Brad Wood who added some voices to the mix!
   And a BIG , MONSTEROUS THANK YOU to all the fans of the C.P.P!!!!
   More ZOMBIES , MONSTERS, GHOSTS and SUPERHEROES are in the works for the next installments!!!
Keeping it Creepy!

GoreMaster.com had the privilege of interviewing Matt Ficner..read the interview HERE


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