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How two novice producers came to own the Terminator movie franchise

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on May 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Los Angeles Times –

   Anyone who saw “Terminator Salvation” this weekend might have noticed a curious credit at the opening of the film: “Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson present …”

   Who do these guys think they are, David O. Selznick?


   Not quite. But at a time when the big studios control almost all the major sequels, save for “Star Wars,” Anderson and Kubicek are two upstarts who, with only a single unreleased low-budget comedy to their name, snagged the rights to one of Hollywood’s biggest franchises.

  A few key details on their brief career as co-CEOs of the Halcyon Co.:

-The year Anderson and Kubicek decided to get involved in film producing: 2005

-Number of movies they have made: Two, “Cook Off” and “Terminator Salvation”

-Amount they paid for the rights to “Terminator” in 2007: $25 million, provided by Santa Barbara-based hedge fund Pacificor LLC.

-Budget for “Terminator Salvation”: About $200 million, funded primarily with a $60 million advance from Warner Bros. for domestic distribution rights and $100 million from Sony Pictures for international.

-Number of lawsuits Anderson and Kubicek have been involved in during their four-year producing career: Four, with legal opponents including MGM, a former investor, and “Salvation” producer Moritz Borman. In addition, “Salvation” executive producer Peter Graves recently filed a breach of contract claim for arbitration against the duo.

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