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Snake Woman in India!

Posted by GoreMaster Special Effects on April 9, 2009


       Behold Mallika Sherawat, star of Hiss, directed by Jennifer Lynch (Surveillance). The film, “a modern day retelling of the ancient tale of the ichhadahari nagin (snake woman),” follows a ruthless American who captures nagin’s mate for magical powers and is the recipient of snake woman havoc wreaked when nagin assumes a gorgeous femme fetale form and exacts revenge. More importantly, the feature is labeled as a Bollywood (India) creature film with former KNB maestro now Precinct 13 maestro and boasts the tagline: “She’s sexy… venomous… and she’ll swallow you whole…”GoreMaster Makeup Effects Manual

Sexy Snake Woman

Sexy Snake Woman


Make-up FX artist Robert Kurtzman created Sherwat’s sleek, disturbing visage. He is known for his makeup special effects work in 13 Ghosts, Army of Darkness, From Dusk ’til Dawn and Evil Dead 2, to name a few.

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